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Top 10 Duties of a Caregiver

Caregiving can be challenging, demanding and unrelenting, but for the right person, it can also be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences in life. Learn more from our guide on the top 10 basic duties of a family caregiver. Although a caregiver’s work varies with different sets of duties each day, there are […]

Skinny on Skin Problems

Skin problems are common among the elderly. Some skin conditions are considered a normal part of aging, while others may indicate an underlying health problem. Here are the most common skin conditions that affect elderly people, and how to treat them:   Dry Skin Dry, flaking skin is by far the most common skin problem […]

6 Tips to Care for a Paralyzed Elder

Caregiving of a paralyzed elder could be filled with responsibility and a very overwhelming task. This role of caring for a person that is partially paralyzed or completely paralyzed could be made easier for everyone by following a few important tips. First of all it is very important to address any question you have to […]

Being a Caregiver

Caregivers are often family members or friends who provide important physical, practical, and emotional support to a person with cancer. Caregivers may have a range of responsibilities on a daily or as-needed basis. Below are some of the responsibilities caregivers may take on: Providing support and encouragement Giving medications Helping manage symptoms and side effects […]

How to Take Care of an Elderly Person

How do we protect our elders from accidents at home? We all have to at sometime of our life take care of our elderly parents. Here are a few guidelines that will help both you and you parent. In the Kitchen Prepare simple meals and place it in a hot casserole.They should not be allowed […]