Coaching with Dave

Caring for your loved one is both challenging & exhausting. Almost all family caregivers experience anxiety or depression arising from their role. You are not alone. Learn proven methods to REDUCE STRESS & AVOID BURNOUT.

Caregiver coaching is a professional relationship providing one-on-one support that helps caregivers produce extraordinary results in their loved one’s lives and their own lives. As a result, the caregiver is able to understand their options and better equipped to make informed decisions to meet the challenges and responsibilities of caring for an older or disabled person.

Coaching really makes a difference. I have been coaching caregivers since 1998. Contact me for a free initial interview and I will design a coaching plan just for you to get back on track. You might just need a one-time session, or monthly or quarterly sessions.

What to Expect

In my caregiving coaching sessions, you and I together will tackle your personal problems. To give you a glimpse of what to expect-

  • We will make an action plan and set both long term as well as short term goals that allow you sufficient breaks in between too.
  • Help you identify your problems such as anxiety, depression and how to tackle them step-by-step.
  • Effective communication with all family members including aged parents in order to minimise conflicts.
  • Time management and how to delegate routine tasks to other family members.
  • Self-care & self-improvement through exercising, regular sleep cycle and healthy eating habits and much more

Put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST!