Caregiver reviews by Arlene Krantz

Dave is really my idol because he created something amazing for caregivers. When I was a caregiver for my father, I remember that it was so hard (I’m crying just thinking about when I was his caregiver…. and it’s been 15 years already). If I had access to Dave’s community of support when I was a caregiver, I would have been in much better condition to thrive, and not have been so stressed all the time — I was BARELY surviving, and my health suffered. I read some blog posts, and that is EXACTLY what I needed to hear 15 years ago. Thank you Dave for offering this support to the next generation so they don’t have to go through what I went through.

Arlene Krantz
Shelia Tequila

When I joined your Facebook group over a month ago, I listened to that video on suicide and depression. Thanks for sharing. Maybe this is a way for caregivers to start having these important and necessary conversations relating to feelings of guilt, depression, stress and feelings of suicide.

Shelia Tequila
Barry Shore

I was very moved to send you this brief praise of your Important, Informative, and Uplifting Podcast, The Caregiver Dave Radio Show.

There is so much pressure in today’s world for ‘regular’ people…..imagine adding another layer of stress for being a caregiver…even on a part time basis.

Having practical strategies, tips, and tools to not only ‘cope’ with, but …if I may be so bold….to actually ENJOY the process of caring, well, that is a heavenly haven.

Your radio show is to be commended for seeking out the very best advice possible, from the very best guests, and/or experts in caregiving, and bringing this valuable life-saving knowledge to your many listeners.

May you continue to be a fountain of benefits for decades to come.

Sincerest best wishes,

Barry Shore
Caregiver reviews by Vendie Ladyvee Neville

I truly enjoyed hearing you reading from your book on our zoom group call. It was a very encouraging story for me to hear. As you read, God spoke to me as the caregiver to my husband from your wife’s position as the care receiver. I have been blessed through you both. Thank you so much!

Vendie Ladyvee Neville
Caregiver reviews by Bonita Overshon

I joined your Facebook group support community because I needed some advice. My father came to live with us last September. The hospice nurse told us that he was very close to the end of his life. So we gladly welcomed him to live with us. Over the last 8 months. He has gained weight, and returned to a healthy frame of mind. He even exercises! We love having him with us. Things get so crazy. Thank you all for your advice. We can do this!

Bonita Overshon