Monthly Archives: December 2016

Stress-Free Caregiver

Taking care of someone else can be frustrating and overwhelming. It is normal to feel stressed, but too much can lead to mental and physical fatigue. The good news is that you can easily manage your stress with these tips. Find support. You are not the only one feeling the stress of care giving. Reach […]

Cannabis for Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

Marijuana is a controversial topic in the medical community, with some well-respected doctors advocating for its use and others concerned about its addictive properties and long term effects. As researchers continue to explore the drug as a potential treatment to chronic and terminal illnesses, some studies are focusing their efforts on the effects of medical […]

Exhaustion: Care for the Caregiver

Exhaustion is more than just being tired. It’s being tired for weeks, being tired for months. The people around you can’t help but notice if you’ve become exhausted, or if you’re rapidly—and steadily—approaching exhaustion. It’s not unusual for them to comment on it. The typical response from the exhausted caregiver is to deny it. Why? […]

Caregiving Challenges

Many of us will become the caregiver of a parent or loved one. It’s a rewarding endeavor, but it can be filled with enormous challenges. Be prepared by recognizing some of the difficulties that caregivers encounter: Time management: Caregiving takes time. As a result, caregivers have less time for other family members and themselves. In a […]

Caregiving Burden and Hope among Caregivers

Neuropsychiatrie disorders have mental, neurological and behavioral gradients and are growing causes of morbidity. Epilepsy is a disorder of cerebral function which is characterized by a pattern of repeated, sudden brief attacks of altered consciousness, motor activity or sensory phenomenon known as seizures. It is a symptom of an underlying condition and seizures may be […]