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What to Do When Siblings Can’t Agree on a Parent’s Care Needs

BY CAROL BRADLEY BURSACK Siblings! For some lucky families, having a bunch of adult siblings gather around and plan how to take care of Mom and Dad as their parents’ health begins to fail is a great comfort. For some families, siblings who never got along as kids and have had little to do with each […]

It’s About Life

Only 10 percent of Americans will die suddenly. The remainder of us (90 percent) will decline slowly, growing weaker until we die. Because this process is so gradual, we often don’t recognize that a loved one is approaching the final weeks of life. This may be why most Americans, around 80 percent, die in institutions, […]

Why the Flu Is Often Missed in Older Adults By Caregivers

(A longer version of this article appeared previously on You’ve likely heard the news: the flu is pretty bad this year, with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirming a higher-than-usual level of illnesses, hospitalizations and even deaths.

When Hoarding Is a Disorder

You may have seen reality TV shows about people who hoard mail, gadgets, cats, and even trash. Or, maybe for you, the reality is a little closer. It could be a neighbor or a family member.

Protect Your Child’s Quality of Life with a Special Needs Trust

One of the biggest worries for parents of children with special needs is what will happen when the parents are gone. Who will care for their children and will they have enough money, not just to survive but to enjoy life?