Monthly Archives: April 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic: Caregiving Tips For Taking Care of Seniors Over 60

The COVID-19 pandemic is claiming lives across the world. In USA alone, the disease has caused the death of more than 56,000 people! As per research findings and reports, seniors over 60 are more susceptible to infection. Chances of catching an infection are more if they have some preexisting ailments such as lung disease, diabetes, […]

How Family Meetings Play Pivotal Role In Reducing Caregiver Depression?

Are you a caregiver of a loved one? Are you experiencing depression or burnout due to your caregiving responsibilities and lack of support from other family members? If yes, it is high time that you should encourage all members of your family to get together for a family meeting. Maybe, it becomes tough to convince […]

Tips To Initiate A Conversation For Caregiving Planning

It is a truth that it is tough to overcome the challenges of caregiving. However, do you know that it is even tougher to make up your mind to become a caregiver for your loved one? Yes, it demands a lot of compassion and love. Sometimes, the journey starts without giving you enough time to […]

Caregiver Challenges During Caring A Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease

There are at present over 15 million family caregivers in the United States of America. A majority of these caregivers are unpaid and take care of a loved one with either Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is no secret that caregiving takes a toll on mental health and physical well-being. However, this doesn’t deter caregivers […]

Top 5 Tips For New Caregivers

When a person takes the decision of becoming a caregiver for a loved one, he or she is not well-prepared for the role. After all, caregiving is not a typical job. At present, millions of people, including children are taking care of their parents, spouses, grandparents or friends as a caregiver. Are you someone who […]