Monthly Archives: December 2020

How To Keep Loved Ones Engaged at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we look at the world. Ironically, the safest way out right now is to not step out. It has been difficult for everyone with kids unable to attend school and adults having to work from home. But, what about the senior citizens? Like children and adults, […]

Top 6 Proven Strategies To Reduce Caregiver Anxiety

Caregiving is a very rewarding experience and if you are a family caregiver to a loved one, kudos to you. But, there is always another side of the coin which you cannot ignore. It comes with its fair share of hindrances too. Striking a balance between your caregiving duties and personal responsibilities is quite challenging. […]

How to Become a More Optimistic Caregiver in 5 Simple Steps

All of us are human beings who have experienced both good days and bad. It is no different for family caregivers. However, keeping in mind the demanding role they play, it might be helpful to look at the world from a positive point of view. It will not only prevent the caregiver from heading towards […]