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Caregivers Guide:How To Communicate With Dementia Patients

For a caregiver, it is vital to communicate effectively with the care recipient, doctors, and other family members. However, communication with dementia patients is never a cakewalk because dementia impaired cognitive abilities. Dementia sufferers often experience memory loss and confusion. So, if you are a caregiver of a dementia patient and wondering how to communicate, […]

9 Preventive Measures To Combat Cold and Flu Amid COVID-19

Do you know that like COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus, cold and flu are also caused by a virus named influenza? Both are respiratory viruses and are spread by droplet infection. So, if you are a caregiver looking for preventive measures to combat cold and flu, don’t worry. The safety measures that you might […]

7 Helpful Tips For First-Time Caregivers

Do you have a loved one in your family who needs immediate help? Are you planning to take responsibility for your loved one? Do you also have kids and a regular job? If some or all the answers to these questions are in affirmation, welcome to the world of caregiving. Yes, many people like you […]