Sex, Marriage, Romance and Love, Straignt Talk, Susan Bratton

Sex, Marriage, Romance and Love, Straignt Talk, Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton’s insightful wisdom blends the three interlocking circles of passionate lovemaking techniques, bedroom communication skills, and sexual regenerative healing.

Flashes of brilliance pop like paparazzi as Susan rolls out one relationship epiphany after another. When she describes how love and intimacy can transcend what media portrays, you see the path to more intimacy and pleasure than you’ve been getting.

Whether you enter Susan’s world through a sexual health problem you need to solve, intimacy skills you want to learn, or bedroom communication techniques to ignite your connection and pleasure, she offers a world of good to apply to your love life.

Susan’s libido botanicals and blood flow supplements, sexual energy bars, and sensuous body butters enhance your lovemaking. Her 34 books and programs offer practical, actionable pleasure techniques and bedroom communication skills. And her bountiful free gifts ensure everyone has access to the heart-connected intimacy they crave.