Dr. Minni Malhotra ~ Functional Medicine Specialist

Dr. Minni Malhotra ~ Functional Medicine Specialist

Dr Minni Malhotra ~ Functional Medicine Specialist

Dr. Minni Malhotra, M.D., is a highly innovative and patient-driven medical practitioner and medical director of Anchor Wellness Center. She is board certified with of the American Academy of Family Medicine and also American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine. Through her comprehensive work experience as a Physician more than 20 years, Dr. Malhotra recognized the US healthcare system places greater emphasis on a disease-centered medicine focus, instead of investigating the root cause of chronic illness.

She advanced her education with a Fellowship in Functional Medicine and armed with this knowledge, Dr. Malhotra vigorously applies these principles to help her patients identify critical imbalances found at the root of all illness and attain lifelong health and wellness.

Dr. Malhotra’s mission is to educate her clients about the 5 pillars of health, which, when applied, can have a dramatic impact on their overall health well-being and quality of life.

Patients of Dr. Malhotra can experience a host of incredible benefits, including permanent weight-loss, reduction or elimination of symptoms related to chronic illness, increased fitness levels, balancing of hormones and optimal wellness.

She was recently awarded the “Transformational Healer” award for her work with her patients at Harvard club of Boston where presented her solutions to the explosion of Chronic diseases in this country, which accounts for 75% of our healthcare spending.