Seniors Can Save Money and Sleep with These 6 Simple Solutions

1Are you a senior who is having troubles with sleep? You are not alone. Research shows that millions of older adults struggle with getting the sleep they need. So, how can you make sure you’re getting enough of it? If you are a senior who needs more sleep but also needs to stick to your budget, try these thrifty sleep-boosting tips.

Adjust Your Bedroom Lighting and Earn Cash Back at Major Retailers

Do you find yourself waking up as the sun rises in the morning? We tend to respond to the lighting around us, and our bodies sync according to it, so try mimicking outside lighting inside your home. Lamps are a great way to add soft light to your bedroom, so pick up a few at retailers like Target, along with some blackout curtains to keep your room dark.

Lower Thermostats at Night

If you are keeping things toasty while snoozing, you could be hindering your sleep. Studies show that the optimal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Turning down the heat helps, but you can also use fans from stores like Walmart to add a breeze in your bedroom. Big-box retailers also frequently offers sales and promotions to help you save money. Also, don’t forget to pick up some comfy, breathable pajamas while you’re there, as well as socks to keep your feet warm. When shopping at Walmart, you can save even more by signing up for a Walmart credit card or MoneyCard.

Look for Deals on White Noise Machines on Amazon

Another factor in getting decent sleep is the amount of noise in your home. Random outside noises can keep you up at night, but silence can make it hard to relax too. Amazon has quite a few sound and white noise machines that can cover those disturbances up or provide some comforting background noise as you are trying to rest. Better still, Amazon is another retailer that offers daily deals and cash back on your purchases. Add that to available free shipping for Prime members and you’ve got enough deals to avoid breaking the bank.

Shop for a New Mattress

Sleeping on an old mattress isn’t doing your sleep or your body any favors. You can figure out if you need a new mattress by checking for worn out spots, sagging, or exposed springs. Chronic morning pain and fatigue are also signs that you need to find a new mattress. Check online for budget mattress reviews to find an option that is in your price range but isn’t lacking in comfort, and don’t be afraid to purchase on before you try it. Many online retailers offer trial periods and generous return policies to help ease the pressure of buying a mattress online.

Modify Diet and Exercise Habits

Creating a relaxing routine at night can influence the quality of your sleep. Your daytime routines, however, can have an even bigger impact on how well you snooze at night. Some research suggests that getting daily exercise in the mornings is important. Diet can change your sleep hygiene as well. Try limiting caffeine to the morning hours and opting for light snacks before bed, and see if this improves your sleep. You can even check out online deals to help you save on herbal teas and healthy snacks for your new routines.

Get Help When You Need It

When you’ve tried all of the above with no change, it may be time to see your doctor. Sleep disorders can be fairly common with seniors, but other health issues can keep you up too. Chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are just a few conditions your doctor can help you get to the bottom of. You may need to be referred to a counselor, or your doctor might make you complete a sleep study. Be aware of how your insurance or Medicare will cover these visits so you can be prepared for your share of costs.

Being a senior doesn’t have to mean losing sleep or your savings. With a few simple adjustments and maybe some help from your doctor, you can make your nights restful again and make the most of your health too.

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Special thanks to Karen Weeks