Monthly Archives: September 2016

Caregivers, Talk with God

Life is filled with too much evidence to ignore the presence of a higher power. Sure, we will never have all of the answers to all of those tough life questions like: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Learning how to live with peace despite the questions is what develops a powerful faith […]

Caregivers, God Has A Purpose In Every Trial You Go Through

“God blesses those who patiently endure testing… Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” -James 1:12    Life is preparing you for your destiny. Everything you are going through is making you more and more qualified for your true mission and calling. Life is a lot […]

A Devastating Loss

I also feel like I had experienced a similar stroke like Charlene had. I had a financial stroke that would greatly affect Charlene. It was almost like the equivalent of her physical stroke for me. Despite being a business major at USC, an entrepreneur, and a business owner for many years, I managed to lose […]

Loving or in love?

I was a little confused about my feelings for Charlene during those difficult days when we constantly fought and argued. We loved each other, but sometimes we didn’t feel in love with each other. What is the difference between loving, and being in love? It was like having a rebellious child that you love, but […]

Caregiver Freedom: Need to get away

Another thing that Charlene and I both had to adjust to in the beginning of the grieving process was losing some of our freedoms. At the time, my caregiver group encouraged me to be good to myself by taking little trips away from home to get refreshed and rejuvenated. Likewise, Charlene needed to get away. […]