Caregivers, Talk with God

This is an exerpt from my book "One Arm One Leg, Overcoming Unbelievable Hardships"

This is an exerpt from my book “One Arm One Leg, Overcoming Unbelievable Hardships”

Life is filled with too much evidence to ignore the presence of a higher power. Sure, we will never have all of the answers to all of those tough life questions like: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Learning how to live with peace despite the questions is what develops a powerful faith that works in your daily life.

Charlene and I can testify that applying Biblical principles works in overcoming unbelievable hardships in your life like nothing else can. You can especially learn a lot from the book of Job in the Old Testament, a story of one man’s trials and how he overcomes them through faith. He eventually learned what was really being accomplished in the heavenly realms as a result of his enduring trial and eventual success.

I know that there are some of you out there who feel that they need help just to make it through another day. The secret is to just try and make it through one day at a time and choose to be positive every morning before you get out of bed. We did not arrive at this mountain-top, faith-filled experience overnight. It took years of discipline and determination to develop a positive, hopeful and faith-filled attitude. The power of positive thinking is great but it is not enough. You need more. The best advice that we can give you to help you get through your unbelievable difficulties is to exercise the daily disciplines which kept us strong in our faith, positive in our attitudes and peaceful in our spirits.

First of all, a consistent, daily habit of prayer or talking with God is absolutely essential, and has become as natural for us as talking to each other. He has proven Himself to us time and time again, and as a result, we no longer believe in coincidences. We try to consistently devote a block of time in our schedule for “God time.” We use this time to read the Bible, pray, quiet our minds, and just be still and listen to what God is saying in our spirit.

This is just a another chapter of my book “One Arm One Leg 100 Words, Overcoming Unbelievable Hardships”. You can buy the book by clicking this link. And surely, you will not stop reading it from the beginning till the end of this book.