Monthly Archives: June 2020

COVID-19 And Mental Health-A Complex Relationship

Whenever there is a perceived or real threat, we experience a sea of emotions like fear, anger, and stress. With more than 400,000 deaths across the world, COVID-19 is no more a threat, but a harsh reality. As several countries have implemented various measures to restrict free movement; schools, daycare centers, offices, shops, and places […]

How Caregivers Can Support Each Other During A Health Emergency

Maria is feeling grateful for all calls that she is receiving now from her loved ones. Even the church members and her neighbors are now enquiring about her. Maria’s husband has dementia, and she is his sole caregiver. Earlier, she does not feel good when other people show their concern just because she is a […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights The Growing Importance Of Caregiving Gadgets

COVID-19 pandemic has compelled millions of people to make changes in their daily routine. With the closure of schools and the necessity to work from home, people are now taking care of their seniors and kids. The workload has increased substantially. There is also the need to be continuously vigilant to safeguard the health of […]

Living with a COVID-19 Patient -Know The Top 5 Caregiving Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic is refusing to slow down. The restrictions are now a bit relaxed, but still, a substantial number of people are getting infected each day. So, there is no other alternative other than to adapt to the new normal, but things are extremely challenging for healthcare professionals and caregivers. They can’t practice social […]

Caregiver Burnout During Pandemic? Know The Tips To Avoid

Martha is working round the clock. She is feeling exhaustive but had no time to take a break. She has to now prepare the meals, and at the same time has to ensure that her mother has taken the medicines. Yes, she is a family caregiver, and the pandemic has taken a toll on her […]