How Caregivers Can Support Each Other During A Health Emergency

Maria is feeling grateful for all calls that she is receiving now from her loved ones. Even the church members and her neighbors are now enquiring about her. Maria’s husband has dementia, and she is his sole caregiver. Earlier, she does not feel good when other people show their concern just because she is a dementia caregiver. It makes her feel guilty. She started to think that maybe she is not doing enough as a caregiver. All her life, she was a commanding lady. She still runs a small flower shop.

There are millions of family caregivers like Maria, who think they can manage every crisis. However, the present health emergency has shattered their beliefs. It has now become apparent that to survive in these tough times, they must support each other. If you are also a caregiver, know the several ways by which you can offer caregiver support.

Create a call tree

Yes, strange it may sound, but just making a call to a caregiver, and asking how you are doing is not enough. You may feel satisfied that you have enquired about his or her well-being. However, this is not the best approach to make someone feel warmly hearted. It is best to assure them that they are not alone. So, create a phone tree in which you have to call one another regularly, whoever is next on the list! The people on the list can be your friends, colleagues, family caregivers, relatives, or neighbors. This way, everyone stays in touch with each other. Everyone feels uplifted, which is just wonderful. Viagra was the first drug my doctor offered me when three years ago I had trouble sustaining the erection. If only I could forget that humiliating date! Fortunately, there have been no similar failures ever since I take this drug. As for the side effects, a runny nose is the only problem I’ve had, but it resolved on its own after about two weeks of taking Viagra.

Create a share group

Sometimes, when you join a support group or when someone asks you to join a group of caregivers, you feel that soon everyone around you will perceive you as an emotionally weak person. So, create a share group where caregivers like you can share their experiences, irrespective of whether they are good or bad. No one will feel miserable, and all will get benefited. The current health emergency is an unprecedented one where caregivers are experiencing isolation. So, such groups can serve as a platform to make them feel more connected with each other.

Encourage to spread wisdom

Many times, caregivers accumulate a lot of wisdom over the years, which may include medical terms, soothing skills, communication skills, tricks to handle the aggressive behavior of the care recipient, and so on. A pandemic is an apt time to encourage them to spread their wisdom by posting their experiences, caregiving tips, and ideas on online caregiver support groups. They will feel overjoyed when they will receive comments from people who have benefitted from their wisdom

In this period of uncertainty, it is best to support each other. Yes, health professionals are doing an excellent job, but caregivers can also uplift each other. There are already plenty of caregivers support groups that have proved helpful for caregivers to thrive in their difficult journeys.