Monthly Archives: October 2020

Know How Caregivers Can Reduce Fall Risk For Seniors

Walking down the lane and falling suddenly may b a laughing matter for teenagers but not for seniors. For them, falling is risky and may even prove life-threatening. You won’t believe that frequency of falls is proportional to aging and level of weakness. According to WHO, approximately 28-35 percent of people who are 65 years […]

COVID-19 Top Immune System Booster Tips For Seniors

According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths reported in the US are of people who are 65 years old or more. Clearly, the risk of getting infected by the novel coronavirus is more for seniors. The severity of illness also increases among seniors. They may need hospitalization or a ventilator to survive […]

Best Indoor and Outdoor Exercises For Caregivers

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the daily routine of millions of people has disrupted drastically. With limited access to gymnasiums and fitness facilities, people are particularly looking for ways to stay fit during this pandemic. The scenario is challenging more for caregivers. They have not only to take care of their loved ones but […]

Mental Health Awareness: How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

The most excellent treat you could give to yourself is to have good mental health. Your emotional wellbeing affects how you perceive, act and respond in your everyday life. It also influences the capacity to deal with pressures, resolve difficulties, develop connections and rebound from the losses and difficulties of living. Good mental wellbeing is […]