Best Indoor and Outdoor Exercises For Caregivers

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the daily routine of millions of people has disrupted drastically. With limited access to gymnasiums and fitness facilities, people are particularly looking for ways to stay fit during this pandemic. The scenario is challenging more for caregivers. They have not only to take care of their loved ones but also to keep themselves healthy to mitigate any risk of getting infected. So, if you are a caregiver who is looking for the best indoor and outdoor exercises to keep yourself physically fit and stress-free, here we go.

Best Indoor Exercises

Gardening- You will be surprised to know that digging or mowing is quite effective in burning calories. The best part is that you can easily do gardening while remaining in your home. You can also engage your seniors and kids in the activity and add some greenery to your home.

Brisk walking- It is a known fact that brisk walking costs nothing but can help you to strengthen your cardiovascular system along with the muscles of your leg. So, just plug in your earphones and start brisk walking while listening to your favorite music.

Stair Climbing- If you have stairs in your home, you are already doing one of the best indoor exercises without neglecting your caregiver duties! Be it burning excess fat or building some great abs, this one is undoubtedly the one that one can do effortlessly.

Yoga/Meditation- This is one of the safe exercises for seniors, which is also a great stress buster. You just need a quiet spot in your home, along with some soothing music to start practicing yoga or meditation.

Jumping rope- As an exercise, jumping rope is already a favorite of many to keep their body toned while remaining indoors.

Best Outdoor Exercises

Cycling- If you want to enjoy a pleasant journey along a nature trail while strengthening your legs, cycling can prove to be the best outdoor exercise. However, make sure to go for solo cycling.

Swimming- Swimming has always proved to be an overall body workout. So, for those who have an indoor swimming pool, this can prove to be an ideal indoor exercise.

Hiking- While hiking may need some preparation, it can burn more than 200 calories in just 30 minutes! So, just do some research and find short hikes.

Running- For running, you just need a pair of good running shoes, and you won’t believe that it can burn 306 calories in 30 minutes. However, remember that running can prove hard on your muscles.

Kayaking- Kayaking has already emerged as a popular sport and exercise during this pandemic. Not just the upper-body, the activity also works wonder on the stomach and back.

During these uncertain times, indulging in any kind of exercise is better than doing nothing and neglecting your own health as a caregiver. So, choose any of these exercises for caregivers that you think is appropriate for you and stay fit. Remember, caregiving is challenging, and neglecting your own health can lead to various problems, including burnout.