5 Self Care Tips for Cancer Caregivers

Caregiving is always a challenging job. However, it feels like a never-ending flow of tasks when you are a caregiver of a loved one with cancer. You have to do several tasks such as assistance in dressing, eating, bathing, walking, medicine intake, and so on. When you are taking care of such a person for years, it takes a toll on your health. So, it is vital to take care of yourself, which more caregivers chose to ignore. Let’s have a look at the 5 self-care tips for cancer caregivers.

Try To Find Support

When someone has cancer, he or she needs support from medical professionals and family members. However, you also need help to thrive in your caregiving role. You may start to feel loneliness, depression, or guilty because of getting no help from other family members. So, try to find some kind of support from your family members, colleagues, friends, or your neighbors. It is essential to admit that you can’t do all the tasks alone without any help. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and depressed, it is best to find support.

Arm Yourself with Information

Information is power when you are a caregiver of a person suffering from a disease like cancer. Gather as much information as you can about the treatment options available for cancer patients from reliable sources. You don’t know what the future holds, but with ample information, you will have peace of mind. In short, the caregiving journey will become less arduous.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Try to develop a positive attitude to take care of your physical and emotional well-being. You have no control over what has already happened or is going to happen. So, instead of panicking or feeling depressed because of the current situation, develop a positive attitude so that you can react to the situation in a different manner. You can start reading any inspiring book or try to connect with people who have a positive outlook in their life.

Delegate Non-Caregiving Tasks

Do you know why you often have no time to indulge in self-care? This is because you have to perform several caregiving and non-caregiving tasks. So, sit with the family members and explain to them the need to help you so that you can take care of your loved one without feeling exhausted. If they are reluctant to help you, try to delegate tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, cleaning, and so on to get some free time.

Practice Yoga or Meditation

Both yoga and meditation are excellent stress-management techniques. As a caregiver of someone with cancer, you may not get time to meet your friends or to pursue your hobbies like before, but you can calm your mind and body by practicing yoga or meditation.

Apart from the above tips, you can also try other ways to take care of yourself as a cancer caregiver. Try to socialize with your friends over the phone and listen to your favorite music. If you still feel that self-care is impossible as a caregiver of a cancer patient, try to contact an experienced coach to get caregiver coaching and more tips for cancer caregivers to thrive in your role.