5 Tips to Give Seniors the Mobility They Need at Home

Aging can be tasking on our body. One major effect of aging is limited mobility. All those years of working, walking on concrete, and so on takes a toll on our body especially the knees and feet. Simple tasks such as going up and down the stairs become a task. All of which makes living on your own very difficult. But I’ve got a few tips for you to help ensure that you can move about your home without the need for help.

Install a stair lift for ease of going up and down the stairs

For anyone with weak knees or any problem related to their legs, going up and down the stairs is a painful experience. Not just that, there is also the risk of falling which can lead to a serious injury. You can avoid all these issues with a stair lift. Stair lifts allow seniors to go up and down the stairs without exerting any pressure on their body. All you need to do is sit comfortably on the lift and control the lift with the controller installed on it and the lift does all the work. As stair lift prices become more reasonable, almost anyone can have them installed in their home.

Keep your body mobile with light exercise

With age, it gets harder to keep your body in shape. You just don’t have the same amount of energy that you used to. But that doesn’t mean you completely let yourself go. In order to stay mobile, you need to make sure you do some light exercises to keep your muscles, bones, and joints strong.

Simple things from stretching to yoga can help keep your body in tune and your muscles active. Stretching each muscle group or doing yoga for as little as 15 minutes a day is more than enough. This way major parts of your body such as hips, knees, and other joints will get the proper blood flow and function as they should.

Plant a garden in your yard

While gardening isn’t considered to be a high-intensity exercise, it can provide similar benefits. As a senior, exercises such as walking and biking may be difficult so gardening is a great alternative. Studies have found that gardening is a moderate-intensity exercise due to which individuals can garden for a longer period of time as compared to high-intensity exercise. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, stroke, and also helps with joint problems by keeping your body active.

Ensure good nutrition

Along with physical activity, you need to make sure you consume food with nutritional value that will help promote strong bones. This means consuming fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, along with solid fats. Along with food, you also need to consume water, at least 8 glasses a day which helps maintain your muscles and joints.

Mobility scooter

For seniors that find it difficult to walk around their home or go out to get the mail and so on, a mobility scooter can help. The motorized scooter lets them be independent and go from one place to another without exerting any pressure on their legs and other joints. They just sit in the seat and control the scooter with their hands to get from one place to another be it indoor or out.

Going forward, keep in mind these tips as they relate to your senior loved one. Do they have difficulties climbing stairs? Do they stay active during the day or sit on the couch for hours? Do they eat healthy foods? Even changing small things to their life could end up helping them stay independent at home and feel mobile.


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Joseph Jones has been writing senior care and aging-related articles for years. He got his start while writing for a personal blog before he was offered to work at California Mobility in 2018 as the Content Marketing Manager, creating highly informative guides and health awareness articles for aging adults.

He’s currently contributing to a variety of blogs in the senior health industry in hopes to spread information about taking care of seniors and what to expect in the aging process.


By:  Joseph Jones

Source:  California Mobility