Advice For Caregivers Before Moving Their Parents Into An Assisted Living Facility

It is an emotional moment when you take the decision of moving your parents into an assisted living facility. You had been a caregiver to your parents for long. There is also nothing wrong if you are thinking of moving your parents into a more supportive environment. The challenge is how to convince your parents. It will be tough for them to leave their home forever, especially if there is an abundance of beautiful memories. Once they are convinced, you have to keep in your mind several things to ensure the transition easier for both you and your parents.

Downsize at a comfortable pace

Keep your expectations realistic and downsize at a comfortable pace to keep the anxiety level low. Thus they will also get time to remember the wonderful moments that they had with you or their grandchildren. If you are in a need to shift them quickly, take a leave for a couple of days from your work to start downsizing. Meanwhile, don’t forget to create new memories that they can cherish forever.

Identify their most valuable possessions

When you are living in a home for decades, there are a lot of things that become valuable. Some due to their worth in money and some due to the memories attached with them. So, try to identify the most valuable possessions of your elderly parents. Pack them carefully so that they don’t get damaged during the transit. Some of these may be family heirlooms which will be difficult to keep in their assisted living facility. In such a case, ask them whether they will prefer to pass on the piece to you or someone else.

Start by downsizing from the least used room

Once you had identified their most valuable possessions, you can start downsizing. Remember to start from the room that your parents use the least. There may be many things that your parents will want to take with them to their new room within the assisted living facility. However, taking everything will not be possible to avoid clutter. So, it is better to start the process of sorting and downsizing from the place where such things are less to make things easy for them.

Encourage to attend events at the assisted living facility

Most of the time, it happens that parents get agree to move initially, but after some time start to doubt their own decision. To avoid such a scenario, encourage them to attend all the events held at their assisted living facility. This will help them to bond well with the community members and to make new friends before the arrival of the moving day.

Put moving day essentials in a separate box

Your moving day essentials may include vital papers, snacks, beverages, medications, first-aid box, and other necessities that you had to keep in a separate box. Label the box properly so that you don’t forget to carry it on a moving day.

Your parents are making a new transition, and you have to make sure that it all goes smooth. Moving into an assisted living facility can be the right decision when you have no time or energy left to contribute as a caregiver for their physical and emotional well-being. Make sure to visit them regularly so that they know that you are there for them. On the other hand, if you think you can continue as a caregiver to your parents or you need help from a support group, don’t hesitate to have the membership of a community of caregivers.