Are You Burned Out, Or What?? The Costs of Going Too Far.

Burned Out caregiverburnoutbannerSo are you in denial about this “thing” called Burnout?  Or maybe denial is the LAST thing that you are in. Maybe you are TOTALLY in agreement with me and others that you are suffering from Caregiver Burnout. The only problem is, you do not have a clue as to what needs to change in your life to even begin to  take the first step that will make you healthy again.

  1. First, you have to get out of denial. Just take my free short quiz, Are You A Candidate For Burnout
  2. After you are out of denial, ….Congratulations!!!  You have taken the most important first step, Admitting there is a problem.
  3. Make a decision that even though your loved one is the MOST important person in the world, YOU are M O R E important! Why?  Because if you don’t put YOUR needs above theirs, then you will break down physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, or all of the above. If, (or should I say), WHEN that happens, and you are now SICKER than the one you were caring for, your loved one will then probably have to receive care that is of a lower quality than you were providing. This REALITY really needs to sink into your head, and then down into your heart. Call it Self-Care, Call if Tough Love. Call it whatever you need to, so that your behavior and your attitude towards YOUR care changes for the better.
  4. Then join a support group, exercise, start a hobbie, do what you enjoy, go to dinner and movie with a friend regularly with the extra time you have from organizing your duties and delegating ,or hiring, those who can give you a break.
  5. Before you tell me that there is no one to help, or you can’t afford to hire anyone, or that nobody can do what you do, just remember that is EXACTLY what will happen if you go down. They will be moved somewhere, help will be found somewhere, the money will come from somewhere, because there will be NO CHOICE at that time. YOU make the choice on your terms, otherwise the choice will be made with or without you on terms that will not be very pleasant.
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Easy right?  Not exactly, but absolutely necessary and absolutely essential.  We are talking Life and Death.  And please don’t put this off. Do it today.


Dave, The Caregiver’s Caregiver