Caregiver Coaching-Instilling Confidence In Family Caregivers During Pandemic

While COVID-19 has made the millennial understood about an increased need to take care of their loved ones, family caregivers are feeling unprecedented challenges. Taking care of a loved one is not new to them, but the challenge is to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities while maintaining social distancing and minimizing the possibilities of getting infected. Yes, many of the U.S states are now relaxing lockdown restrictions. However, even with these measures, caregivers are in fear. The chaos is refusing to subside. Life is always challenging for family caregivers, but the current situation is making things worse.

So, if you are a family caregiver who is feeling confused, depressed, or isolated, you must opt for caregiver coaching. Your small step will make you confident to carry on your responsibilities smoothly. Let’s learn how caregiver coaching can help you.

Helps in identifying your strengths

You may not know, you also have strength, which you have failed to recognize. The reason may be paying less attention to self or paying more attention to your care recipient. However, when you opt for caregiver coaching, you realized the same sooner or later. The realization empowers you all the more to continue in your caregiver role with a new-found enthusiasm. You become aware that you are not weak. Yes, you might need support from other family members, but you can thrive amidst all odds.

Make you understand self-care

Family caregivers put themselves at the end of their priority list. They give little importance to have a balanced diet or a day-out with friends. You may know how you have always struggled to have adequate sleep because you have to monitor your loved one. Coaching will make you understand that self-care is important. You don’t have to feel guilty when you are indulging in your favorite hobby for an hour on weekends or when you are attending a phone call from your best friend. You will realize the truth that by ignoring your own needs, you are heading towards burnout, which will deteriorate your health. It will eventually affect the health of the care recipient too. Remember, you also deserve to be happy and cheerful like other family members by making the best use of resources available around you.

Offers you perfect work-life balance

Are you struggling hard to maintain a work-life balance even with a work from home option during this pandemic? You are not alone! Family caregivers have always found it extremely difficult to achieve a perfect balance because they have many things to do simultaneously. You may have to refill the medical prescriptions, prepare meals for your loved one, and send a mail to your employer or schedule a hospital visit! What you need is the skill of time-management that you get from a caregiver coach.

So, waste no time in thinking whether you need caregiver coaching or not. Caregiver coaching will make you confident like never before as a family caregiver during these tough times.