COVID-19 Highlights The Growing Need Of Caregivers

The world is today dealing with one of the most severe public health emergency. With more than 99462 deaths in the United States of America, healthcare organizations are under tremendous stress. Apart from people with COVID-19 symptoms, some patients are in dire need of medical care for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular problems, Rheumatoid arthritis, and so on. Those who are working on the frontlines in PPEs are on the verge of breaking down due to long working hours and increased risk of getting an infection. The situation could be worse if caregivers were not there for caregivers.

Caregivers fulfilling duties amidst growing challenges

Today when large numbers of hospitals are handling an influx of coronavirus cases, it is essential that people who are not critically ill must stay at home. However, this was not possible if the caregivers declined to offer their valuable services. At present, over 34.2 million caregivers are providing unpaid care to their loved ones and these caregivers belong to a wide range of age groups. Some are even children who are working as the primary caregiver of their siblings, parents, or grandparents! Life has always been challenging for caregivers, but the threat of coronavirus has given rise to unprecedented challenges. They have to maintain social distancing which almost seems impossible during caregiving. Adding to their woes is the shortage of essential medical equipment including latex gloves and N95 masks.

Thankfully millions of caregivers across the nation are tirelessly taking care of their loved ones at homes or care facilities, but earlier even the family members have never acknowledged their important role in healthcare. COVID-19 has however managed to highlight the growing need of caregivers to support the healthcare system from collapsing in the wake of a public health emergency.

So, if you are a caregiver who is trying hard to provide quality care to a loved one despite the threat of coronavirus and the need of maintaining social distancing, do not feel yourself alone! Feel free to seek help from people you know or from experienced caregivers. It is vital that in these tough times, you must take care of yourself so that you can survive as a caregiver. In the wake of this pandemic, if you are wondering how to take care of your loved one, know about the COVID 19 protections that you should take as a caregiver.
Stay safe at home.