How Covid-19 Is Aggravating Caregiver Burnout?

As per the latest report by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S.A has already witnessed 2. 94 million cases of coronavirus. It is tough to acknowledge that more than 165000 people have lost their lives. Amidst this scenario, many U.S states are already lifting curbs to bring the economy back on the track. The general perception of COVID-19 is that it has badly threatened the jobs of billions of people across the world. The news pouring of frontline doctors, nurses, and health practitioners losing their precious lives is heartbreaking.

Amidst such a scenario, caregivers are also getting affected, but hardly anyone has time to look at their plight. They are often the unsung heroes at homes and care facilities. Are you a family caregiver of a senior? Are you working full-time and have kids? With most of the day-care facilities and schools closed, are you finding yourself in a miserable position? If yes, remember you are not alone. COVID-19 is aggravating caregiver burnout. If you don’t take any step now, you may soon reach the tipping point beyond which you can’t take any more responsibilities.

Balancing job, caregiving, and child care

Earlier as a caregiver, you were wondering how long you can carry out your caregiving responsibilities without compromising your full-time job. You were looking for technology solutions or friends who can help you. You were trying to have better time management skills to carve out a perfect balance between your job and caregiving duties.

Still, there was little improvement, and you started to feel depressed, lonely and stressed. However, you continue to work as a caregiver because of the reluctance of other family members to step in your shoes, but the outbreak of pandemic was the tip of the iceberg! Now, schools and day-care facilities are closed, and you have the dual responsibility of child care too along with your full-time job (Work-from-home) and caregiving.

It is not only about child care. You have to assume the role of a tutor with schools closed, and help your kids in their studies. You have to manage them, which is tough when they can’t go out to play like before. The constant fear of getting an infection or putting their loved ones at risk is taking a toll on the health of caregivers. They have to be extra careful about practicing hand hygiene and precautionary measures to protect themselves from the virus.

So, without any doubt, one can say that COVID-19 is aggravating caregiver burnout. As a caregiver experiencing burnout, you have to act fast! You must seek help from your loved ones or go for a caregiver coaching from an experienced caregiver to survive in this period of acute crisis.