How To Entertain Special Needs Kids So You Can Take a Break

Here is a list of 8 great ideas of how people can help caregivers with children or youth they know: (from Ruth Dynna Spence)

1. Hugs, no words necessary special-needs-children1

2. Order pizza to be sent to them for a surprise

3. People with children never get a break, take other kids for an event or hike or just to kick a soccer ball or throw some hoops. (art of distraction)

4. Spend an evening watching a movie, eating popcorn, telling stories, laughing.

5. Do not lecture, or be negative

6. Point out positives

7. Brainstorm when there are problems

8. Mutual respect, caregivers are people and their needs are last.

It has only improved, because my kids are periodically reminded from observation that they have it pretty good and I am not the enemy.   (Ruth)