How to Keep Your Elders Safe During COVID-19

With the raging pandemic refuse to bow down, it has become a challenging task to keep the elders safe. COVID-19 is affecting people of all age groups, but the elderly are the most vulnerable. While it is tough to keep them confined within the four walls of a home, you can’t let them venture outside because of the fear of infection. So, if you have elders at your home and you are worried about their safety as a caregiver, here are the top 5 tips to keep them safe during these tough times.

Encourage video calls

Engage them in activities that will not make them feel lonely. Believe it or not, the current situation of social distancing is taking a toll on the mental health of many people, including elders. So, encourage them to make video calls to their friends or relatives. Now, with the help of apps, you can also request them to arrange a virtual meeting that they will surely love.

Remind to maintain hand hygiene

Yes, everyone is now washing hands at regular intervals to stay safe. However, you need to remind the elders to follow the practice because there can be memory loss with aging. Even elders with any other disease can easily forget about the same. So, it is better to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at a place in your home where they use to spend their maximum time.

Give nutritious meal

At present, it is essential to boost the immune system. There are multiple effects of aging on this system. So, make sure to give a nutritious home-cooked meal to your elders. Also, remind them to drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated all the time.

Do not forget face mask

Since it is not possible to convince elders to stay at home, make sure that they are wearing a face mask whenever they are in a public space. Even if they have no symptoms of any infection, they must use the face mask.

Ask to exercise regularly

Millions of elders are not spending their time sitting idle at home, which can lead to various health problems. So, ask your elders to exercise regularly. If he or she has a health condition, even simple yoga poses or brisk walking can prove ideal to keep them physically fit.

Apart from the above tips, you can also opt for caregiving coaching to make sure excellent elder care during COVID-19. Most of the caregivers of elders are family members, and caregiving is a stressful job. So, opting for caregiving coaching will not only provide you some valuable tips to keep your elders safe but also will make you learn how to thrive as a caregiver.