How to Take Care of an Elderly Person

How do we protect our elders from accidents at home? We all have to at sometime of our life take care of our elderly parents. Here are a few guidelines that will help both you and you parent.

  1. In the Kitchen
  • Prepare simple meals and place it in a hot casserole.They should not be allowed to use the gas to cook.
  • Have microwavable meals for them.Heating food in the microwave is something they can manage.
  • Provide An electric kettle to heat water to make their tea or coffee
  • Put needed items at comfortable heights.Stiff joints make it difficult for the aged to bend down. Place plates,cups, glasses on a platform at waist level. Frozen shoulder joints doesn’t allow them to reach high.
  • Get them some very sturdy dinnerware.Unbreakable crockery is ideally suited for them. In case they drop it, fear of broken glass is absent.
  • Be prepared for spills when they are in the kitchen.Encourage them to use kitchen paper in case of spills; let them gain confidence by being independent.
  • Keep their favorite health drink handy.They have the freedom to have a night cap if they are sleepless at night.
  • Make foods that will be more easy for them to consume.Food cooked for them should generally be easy to chew and not spicy. However give them a wide variety and let them enjoy the family menu wherever possible
  1. Bathroom
  • Place well attached hand holds on the walls in strategic places. [near the shower, commode,] This goes a long way in preventing falls and helps them get up from a sitting position.
  • Make it more difficult for them to slip on the bathroom tile.The floor of the bathroom must have anti skid tiles.
  • Be sure that the bathroom must be well lit.
  • As they become more feeble, encourage them to sit on a stool and have a bath.A shower may not be the right thing.
  1. Bedroom
  • Leave a night lamp on at night.
  • Install a calling bell near their bed, so that they can reach out to you in an emergency.
  • Encourage them to read, listen to the radio,watch TV.An alert mind keeps them young for a long time. At all times make them feel wanted and loved.

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