How To Take Care Of Dementia Patients Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is becoming devastating with each day. While there is a loss of life, economies of all nations may suffer more than it was initially anticipated by experts. There is a lockdown everywhere. People are requested to not step outside unless it is needed absolutely. You can spot hundreds of people wearing face masks and making a beeline to purchase groceries. Social distancing has now become the norm, but not for doctors, nurses or caregivers. So, are you a caregiver thinking of how to take care of a dementia patient amidst this crisis?

Well, it is important to remember that the elderly with heart and lung diseases are at risk. Since people with dementia suffer from cognitive problems; they may not comprehend the severity of the problem or the need for precautions to be taken to stay safe from the virus. So, here are the things that you must keep in mind while caregiving to a person with dementia.

Remind about hand hygiene

Dementia patients are forgetful. They may forget to maintain hand hygiene. So, place signboards at various places within the caregiving facility to remind them of washing their hands with soap and water at regular intervals. You can also demonstrate how to wash both the hands with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Make sure that they thoroughly clean their hands after using the bathroom, as well as, before and after having their meals. Also, keep sanitizer bottles at strategic locations like a bedside table, reading table, and so on to remind them about hand hygiene.

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

While fulfilling all your caregiver responsibilities, you have to work hard to make sure all the frequently touched surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. You can’t expect the person with dementia to remember using the sanitizer each time he or she touches any surface which may be infected with the virus. So, keep all such surfaces clean to protect him or her from getting infected by the deadly virus. The disease is highly infectious and might infect you soon. So, keep such surfaces clean.

Encourage to eat nutritious food

Keep the dementia patient safe by encouraging him or her to eat nutritious food like whole grains, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It is vital to boost the immune system of yourself and that of the person you are caring to ward off the possibility of developing serious health complications. They are also people who are recovering gradually at quarantine facilities or home by isolating themselves from all.

So, there is hope that you can effectively take care of the person with dementia amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Just make sure to look for any symptoms for COVID-19. If you find any, inform your physician immediately.