How To Take Short Breaks To Reduce Caregiver Stress

Caregivers often feel exhausted after carrying out numerous duties. They badly need occasional breaks, but the problem lies that they can’t. They have certain obligations towards their loved ones who are dependent on them. Welcome to the world of caregivers! If you are a caregiver, you probably know how caregiving becomes a cause of extreme stress and fatigue. Sometimes, you desperately want a break from your caregiving duties to take a quick nap or to catch a conversation with a friend. So, here are some tips that you can follow. Let’s have a look.

Seek help from family members

Your family members and friends can prove valuable in helping you to get a short break. So, communicate with them about your needs. Ask whether they can help you for a few hours. This might be like striking an engaging conversation with your loved one while you are enjoying a leisure walk in your garden. If they are reluctant to step in your shoes even for a few minutes, request them to do something as easy as monitoring the loved one while he or she is enjoying an afternoon nap or helping you in grocery shopping.

Get in touch with a caregiving agency

If there is no one around you to lend a helping hand to reduce your caregiver stress, think about hiring a professional caregiver from a caregiving agency. To have peace of mind, some people prefer to hire from an agency in contrast to hiring an independent caregiver. Even a daily four-hour shift can enormously help you to indulge in meditation to get some stress relief.

Contact assisted living facilities

Some assisted living facilities offer temporary stay facilities to seniors. So, you can contact an assisted living facility near your home to inquire whether they can accommodate your loved one for an overnight stay. Such an arrangement will enable you to get ample time to unwind at home.

Utilize volunteer caregiver help

Sometimes, paid caregiver service or temporarily moving your loved ones in an assisted living facility becomes out of question. In such a case, you can utilize the help offered by volunteer caregivers in your locality or city. It may be tough sometimes. However, with organizations such as Volunteers of America and the National Volunteer Caregiving Network, you will get valuable help.

Make use of gadgets for caregivers

Yes, when nothing comes to your rescue, technology makes its presence felt in many ways. You can minimize your constant worries by investing in some gadgets such as the audio and video surveillance system or something as inexpensive as an automatic pill dispenser. While the former will enable you to monitor your loved one when you are not around in the same room or place, the later will give you an escape from remembering the names of each of the medications which are essential for your loved one to be in good health. There are also many other gadgets such as the medical alert device, hydration reminder, and wearable GPS tracking device.

Moreover, to take short breaks, it is vital to plan carefully so that you accidentally do not end up overburdening yourself. Browse the web, and you will come across several time-saving tips for busy caregivers. Remember, you have to thrive as a caregiver.