Important Steps to Remember for Pneumonia Caregiving

Supporting somebody after they have been sent home from the hospital because of pneumonia is absolutely crucial. The older a person is, the more life-threatening pneumonia can be. It is a viral infection that can be dangerous for people of all ages, but is extremely severe for infants and seniors, especially those with a weaker and compromised immune system.

When providing pneumonia care at home, the focus should be on making sure the senior makes a full and healthy recovery before they get back to their normal way of doing things, whether it’s taking care of themselves, a spouse, or even being active within the community.

What happens if the senior doesn’t follow the right instructions?

Not following their doctor’s instructions can lead to a resurgence of the virus in their body, making it even more difficult for them to overcome the pneumonia. That can lead to some life-threatening situations very quickly.

It can also easily lead to another hospital admission. While seniors are not generally focused on hospital readmission rates, the goal of making a full and healthy recovery is basically the same as not wanting to make a return trip to the hospital.

Here are three important steps to remember when it comes to pneumonia care at home for anyone, including seniors.

Pneumonia Care Step #1: Drink water.

It is absolutely essential that people recovering from pneumonia stay properly hydrated. It can feel at times, especially with a persistent cough, that the senior is dealing with too much fluid in their lungs and body and they might not even feel thirsty.

However, that cough is being productive and just because they are resting and not getting much exercise, that doesn’t mean they won’t become dehydrated quickly.

Pneumonia Care Step #2: Rest.

It is absolutely essential the elderly individual gets plenty of rest when they are discharged from the hospital. Once they’re discharged, seniors often feel much better, almost like new. It can create the illusion that they are healthy once again.

They are not. The virus is still in their body and they have to rest and avoid overdoing it when it comes to exercise or physical activity. If they don’t get proper rest, the pneumonia virus can come back, even stronger than before.

Pneumonia Care Step #3: Have the right support.

Because the senior should be getting plenty of rest, they should have the right support system in place to ensure that they do. Relying on home care aides will be an important component for many seniors once they are discharged and sent home.

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