List of 10 Assistive Technology Devices To Help Seniors

Are you a caregiver to your parents or a senior? If yes, you must be aware that nowadays several companies are focusing on seniors. As per the U.S census, their population is likely to reach 19 million by 2050. Sounds unbelievable? However, this is real. There is now a range of assistive technology devices available in the market for this aging population. These devices are aimed to provide comfort, safety, and happiness to seniors. So, here is a list of 10 such assistive technology devices. Have a look, and learn how these devices can also prove useful in reducing caregiver fatigue.

Video surveillance camera- You can easily find such a camera with wireless facilities at an affordable price. These are also easy to install and make it super easy for caregivers to monitor seniors from a remote location. So, if you are a caregiver experiencing caregiver burnout, remember to purchase such a camera with useful features such as night vision or motion sensors.

Automated pill dispenser- Medication management is not an easy task, especially when there are dozens of pills. As age advances, seniors become more and more dependent on medicines to stay in good health. An automated pill dispenser is a device that issues reminders for pill intake, and even dispenses the same in a measured amount. Some of these pill dispensers also send phone reminders or a text message. Many also come with passcode protection so that kids at home (if any) could not get hold of the pills.

Wearable GPS tracking device- If you are a caregiver to a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the device can prove extremely useful to you in keeping your loved one safe even if you are not around. They are always a high risk of wandering due to disorientation. You can track them effectively by these devices. However, it is best to opt for a water-resistant wearable GPS tracker. In many such devices, a loud alarm will alert you if the person wearing the same wanders in an unfamiliar area.

Sensor mat with alarm- Seniors with mobility issues or in frail health conditions frequently loses their balance while walking. Any fall can sometimes prove fatal. Investing in a mat with alarm means you can receive an immediate alert about a possible fall and can rush to help him or her.

Medical alert device- Although medical alert devices are not new, these are included in the coveted list because of their usefulness in keeping them safe in case of a medical emergency. Hordes of Americans opt for such devices which are now available at an affordable cost. These devices are also known as PERS and MERS.

Digital calendar day clock- It is common to get confused about the time and day, especially for seniors with dementia. With aging, it becomes tough to remember the anniversaries and birthdays of their beloved ones. The device with a large display is perfect to keep them in control of their fading memories.

Hydration reminder- The gadget is an excellent one not only for seniors but also for kids to avoid dehydration. Seniors are perhaps at greater risk because their sense of thirst decreases because of the intake of several medicines. The compact device starts blinking before your loved one becomes dehydrated.

Wireless ear buds for watching TV- Sometimes, turning the TV volume high is not an option for seniors struggling with hearing loss. These ear buds are easily available at renowned e-commerce platforms. Moreover, these are light-weight too! Maybe, it can be a perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.

Universal Big Button TV Remote- Using a standard TV remote can become a daily struggle for seniors experiencing health problems. The universal big button TV control with only a handful of buttons make it easy for them to watch their favorite programs without much navigation.

Lifesaving Smart Cane- Just like you need direction and guidance as a caregiver in your caregiving journey, seniors need help to find their way. The smart digitally connected cane has in-built GPS, humidity and temperature sensors. The device can also give directions to the seniors.

Indeed, help for caregivers is never far away! When you are investing in such devices, you are ensuring their safety, health and happiness. All of these are vital to reduce your caregiving duties and the caregiver stress associated with the same. For useful caregiving tips, you can rely on online resources that are available for free download.