Qualities of a CaregiverWith a Special Invitation From Dave!

With A Special Invitation From Dave!

It can be challenging to cope with a loved one who needs long-term care. For example,
you might have cared for an aging parent, and now you are caring for your spouse with
a disability. Perhaps your child has special needs, and you have met this challenge by
becoming a caregiver.

It is often heart-rending for a family caregiver to know that their loved one is
experiencing physical and mental changes due to aging or a disability. And, while
caregiving encompasses more than taking care of your loved one’s physical needs, it
doesn’t end there. It also entails providing emotional support through encouragement
and comforting words and actions, sometimes going up against the always difficult task
of trying to convince your loved one that they can no longer live independently.
As a caregiver, there are things you can do to increase your loved one’s quality of life.
These tips for caregivers won’t cure a disease or fix physical handicaps, but they will
help you navigate your journey:

Patience & Flexibility
Patience and flexibility are primary when interacting with seniors, as your pace of doing
things could differ from theirs. Because of this, there might be delays and changes in
your original plans, so remaining flexible enough to adjust for slight delays (or change in
the program) will help to avoid stress. In addition, maintaining a calm state of mind is
extremely helpful in these situations.

Compassion & Empathy
Compassion and empathy are qualities that can develop and enrich with time. Your
loved one might be suffering from physical and mental pain due to conditions such as
surgery, memory loss, etc. Empathizing with your loved one and helping them alleviate
their stress and upset is important. Imagine how difficult it must be to move away from
an age or life where they managed their self-care and living conditions. The gifts of
compassion and empathy come from within you as you offer understanding and
tenderness to others.

Time Management Skills
Caregiving can be difficult because of the many emotions involved for the caregiver and
care receiver. Accepting that there will be days when you’ll get frustrated will help you
have a plan in place. In addition, keeping a positive attitude despite the challenges will
help you to manage the challenges.
Prioritizing and planning can work with a bit of forethought. (You know the saying – “It
wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!”) Try and multi-task whenever possible, and use
a calendar and notepad. And remember to schedule breaks for yourself!

Sound Communicator
Communication is essential for any job, but it’s even more crucial when you’re a care
provider. As a caretaker, you’ll communicate with doctors and nurses on behalf of your
loved one. You also have to share non-verbally for comatose patients or other inabilities
to communicate. You may have to learn sign language or different modes of
communication to help them reach the outside world. As a caregiver, you’re the
communication medium between the outside world and your care receiver.

Optimism & Enthusiasm
One can see the glass as half-empty or half-full as a caregiver. You’ll be easily
discouraged and frustrated if you view it as half empty, and your optimism will take a
beating. To be effective, choose to see it half-full. And if you’re uneasy about facing a
problem, remember there’s always hope!

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