Reasons to Make Walking A Part of Seniors’ Daily Routine

More people across the world are now spending a significant part of their daily life in an indoor environment. Due to technological advancement, people are spending more time on their smart devices that are leading them to a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking is an exercise recommended for all age groups. If you are a caregiver for seniors, encourage them to make walking a part of their daily routine.

At first, they will reject the idea. However, gradually they may start walking, especially if you or a family member is there to walk with them. So, let’s find out the reasons to make this humble exercise a part of senior’s daily routine.

Prevents bone loss

The problem of muscle and bone mass loss is common among seniors aged 65 years or more. Walking is a wonderful and easiest way to prevent bone loss in seniors. It improves muscle strength and overall balance.

Improves blood circulation 

With aging, there are circulation problems among seniors which gradually lead to cardiovascular diseases and other health issues. According to some research studies, walking daily for just 30 minutes can vastly improve blood circulation and can also help seniors to lose excess weight. So, if you are a caregiver of a senior with heart disease, encourage him or her to go for a brisk walk.

Helps in sleep improvement 

Insomnia in seniors is a common problem, and the physical exertion of walking helps them to cope with their sleep issues.

Gives happiness 

Walking brings happiness to seniors. If it is a group walk, the benefits are more such as in coping with the loss of their life partner or friend, health issues or any stressful event.

Moreover, walking is an extremely low-risk exercise in comparison to running or jogging. It is easier to stick with a daily 30-minute walk than any other form of exercise. If you want to know more such caregiving tips or advice, feel free to download our useful resources.