Ways You Could Help A Family Caregiver During A Pandemic

The pandemic has caused deaths all over the world forcing millions of people to stay indoors and taking precautions like never before. Caregivers taking care of their family members are also experiencing countless challenges and a sense of depression. They need help but are reluctant to ask their family members. So, if you are someone with compassion or have a willingness to help them during COVID-19, there are ways you could help in their caregiving journey. So, let’s learn the ways you could help a family caregiver during a pandemic.

Ask if they need help

You may have noticed that whenever you have enquired from your family member who is caring for a loved one, you have received the same response that everything is fine. Do you know the reason? You have never offered any kind of support in their caregiving journey or have engaged in an in-depth conversation. So, ask whether they need any help.

Be an ardent listener

Do you know family caregivers are irritated when instead of listening to their woes, people start advising them with tips and advice that they don’t want to follow? So, be an ardent listener. Try to listen to their challenges and problems patiently. Give advice only when they will seek help from you. If a family caregiver is not interested in tips, practicing your tips will only be taken as a criticism of their caregiving practices. So, just remain a trusted witness.

Give them your valuable time

Sometimes, gifts do not offer much help to a family caregiver. So, instead of showering valuable gifts to make them feel happy, give them something more precious. Give them your time by helping them in small tasks like going to a bank, bringing groceries from the market, assistance in cleaning the home, or something easy like monitoring the care recipient for an hour or more. Family caregivers miss doing things that they love as they remain absorbed in caregiving tasks. If you are reluctant to help him or her in caregiving or non-caregiving tasks, try to spend quality time whenever they take a break.

The best practice is to accept all types of tasks that the family caregiver offers to you. They will be comforted that you will offer emotional support. They will understand that they are not alone in their caregiving journey. You can also gift a membership to a caregiver coaching website to make their life easier.