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Are You A Family Caregiver? Know The Top 5 Cues of Substance Abuse

While becoming a caregiver gives you immense satisfaction of being able to help a loved one when he or she truly needs you, the job is also extremely taxing. Things become difficult when you are caring for a person with dementia, Alzheimer, incontinence, and other diseases. In some cases, mobility issues can have a profound […]

List of 10 Assistive Technology Devices To Help Seniors

Are you a caregiver to your parents or a senior? If yes, you must be aware that nowadays several companies are focusing on seniors. As per the U.S census, their population is likely to reach 19 million by 2050. Sounds unbelievable? However, this is real. There is now a range of assistive technology devices available […]

Caregiving Tips To Help Your Loved One In Sleeping Better At Night

Are you a caregiver of someone who is experiencing trouble in falling asleep at night? Does your loved one wake up multiple times at night? If the answers are in affirmation, you have to take some essential steps to help your loved one is sleeping better at night. Otherwise, you will also suffer sleep deprivation […]

Top 10 Safety Tips For Seniors & Disabled Elderly Behind The Wheel

Sometimes the driving skills deteriorate with aging because of medications, mobility issues, and many other factors. There can be problems in vision and hearing too. However, the problems increase manifold for the disabled elderly who find it tough to be in charge behind the wheels. So, if you are a caregiver of a senior or […]

Top 5 Considerations Before Moving In Disabled Parents Into Your Home

It is marvelous to live again with your parents because it gives you a unique opportunity to know them in a new light. Meanwhile, your choices as an individual have also evolved. The same is true for them. So, if you are thinking to move your disabled parents into your home, you have to consider […]