Top 5 Considerations Before Moving In Disabled Parents Into Your Home

It is marvelous to live again with your parents because it gives you a unique opportunity to know them in a new light. Meanwhile, your choices as an individual have also evolved. The same is true for them. So, if you are thinking to move your disabled parents into your home, you have to consider several things. This is not because they are disabled but because you need to be practical. There is nothing wrong to evaluate how many changes you have to make to accommodate them in your lives. You have to be mentally prepared to make some essential changes so that they don’t feel isolated and uncomfortable. So, here are the top five considerations before moving your disabled parents into your home.

What about the expenses?

You might have taken the decision to move your disabled elderly parents into your home because of the rising costs of the nursing home or assisted living facilities. However, you have to rethink if this is the sole reason. You may have to hire a professional caregiver after a few years. Else, you have to assist them in most of their daily tasks as with aging, there are health complications. So, it is best to have a cost estimate in advance.

Do you need to remodel your house?

You have to think about whether you have ample space to accommodate your parents? Do you need to carve out a room from your master bedroom by hiring home remodeling services? Also, try to find out whether the doors are wide enough for easy movement of your parents if they use wheelchairs to overcome their mobility issues. Maybe you also have to remodel your bathroom for installing a raised toilet seat and grab bars. So, look from all perspectives about the changes that are required to make the house safe for your parents.

Do you have the time to care for them?

The million-dollar question is how much time you can have each day for providing care to them. In most cases, parents move into their children’s home when they are no longer able to take care of themselves due to aging problems. So, have a look at your current work schedule. Think about whether you can juggle between your work, family, and caregiver responsibilities. Given the fact that caregiver burnout is a reality, is it feasible to share the caregiving duties among all family members? Even if you hire a professional caregiver for your parents, you may have to carry out certain responsibilities to make them feel loved and comfortable.

Do you have to make any lifestyle changes?

Take note of what kind of lifestyle changes you and your family are supposed to make after moving in your disabled parents into your home. Will the music lessons of your kid disturb your parents? Will you have to cook separate meals for your disabled parents because of their dietary restrictions (if any)? Will you and your family have to sacrifice your vacation plans every year? Will you be able to find time to socialize with your friends? So, there are many questions of which you need to find the answers before making a decision.

Will your family dynamics change forever?

In most cases, there is an inevitable shift in family dynamics when parents move into the home of their children. So, you need to think about this factor seriously. Maybe your disabled parents who have been all their life authoritative parents feel disrespected when they will see you and your spouse as the decision-makers of the house. If yes, how will you deal with the situation and make them involved more in decision-making? So, think wisely before making a decision.

Caregiving is stressful but rewarding too. It is a wonderful way to repair and enhance your existing relationships with those who have taken care of you for years. There are several resources for family caregivers that you can find over the web. You can even join a caregiver support community to take care of your disabled parents in a better way.