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Tips For Elderly Caregivers To Strike A Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that every working professional desires to have. However, it remains a distant dream for millions of people. Nowadays, many companies are making an honest effort to ensure a work-life balance of their employees. So, are you a senior taking care of an elderly person within your family while juggling between your […]

How To Keep Alzheimer Patients Active During Home Isolation

Are you a caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease? The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions all over the world to stay at home. Amidst such a scenario, you might be wondering how to keep your loved one engaged. You can’t take them for a daily walk or invite someone to have a chit-chat. […]

Loneliness – A Silent Killer Of Elderly Caregivers

When a person becomes old, he or she dreams about having a comfortable life with loved ones. There is no more longing for a fat paycheck or having a wardrobe full of trendy clothes. All that the heart longs for is the companionship and compassion of loved ones, which comprises family members, friends, relatives or […]

How To Take Care Of Dementia Patients Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is becoming devastating with each day. While there is a loss of life, economies of all nations may suffer more than it was initially anticipated by experts. There is a lockdown everywhere. People are requested to not step outside unless it is needed absolutely. You can spot hundreds of people wearing face masks and […]

Corona Virus (COVID-19): Tips For Caregiving

Although the first confirmed case of Corona Virus was reported way back in January in the U.S, now the nation is grappling with uncertainty. According to the latest update by The Washington Post, there are over 6000 confirmed cases and 100 deaths by March 18. 2020. It is found that older adults and people with […]