Tips For Elderly Caregivers To Strike A Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that every working professional desires to have. However, it remains a distant dream for millions of people. Nowadays, many companies are making an honest effort to ensure a work-life balance of their employees. So, are you a senior taking care of an elderly person within your family while juggling between your work and caregiving responsibilities? If yes, you are doing an amazing job!

For elderly caregivers, challenges are several that you overcoming every day. However, if you think striking a work-life balance is becoming difficult, please have a look at the following tips.

Change your work schedule

Find out whether there are flexible working hours or an option to work from home. If not, you can always make a request to your employer to let you work early in the morning. You can then complete your scheduled working hours and can then attend the needs of your loved one at home.

Seek support from loved ones

You can try to seek help from other family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbors so that you can have some time for yourself too. If they are not eager to step in caregiving tasks, ask them to help you in preparing meals or in monitoring the health of the elderly. You may not know, but help can arrive from any corner in unexpected ways!

Take the help of technology

Today, technology is helping millions of people across the world to stay connected. So, don’t hesitate from investing in caregiving gadgets such as CCTV cameras for remote monitoring of your loved one while you are busy at work. There are also some other gadgets that you may find useful in experience ease in caregiving such as automatic pill reminders, GPS devices, and floor-mat alarms.

Schedule time for yourself

Being a senior, you may also start experiencing health problems. So, try to squeeze out some time for yourself. Even if it is 10 minutes daily, optimize the same by either socializing with your friends or practicing yoga or meditation. Do not ignore your needs. Else, you will soon experience caregiver burnout.

Most elderly caregivers either quit their jobs or start working part-time to achieve a work-life balance. However, this may not be an option for you. So, follow the above tips. If you ever see symptoms of distress, anxiety or depression, act fast. Several online caregiver support groups can help you to overcome your challenges.