Tips To Develop A Caregiver Support Network

Caregiving is an extremely tough task. Most caregivers make this grave mistake of not asking help from their loved ones. They thought that asking help is a sign of weakness which is not the reality. Even if they are getting support from their family members in caregiving duties, they must make a sincere effort to develop a caregiver support network. This is vital otherwise as a caregiver; you could soon experience caregiver burnout. The big question is how to develop a caregiver support network from scratch. Here are some valuable tips for the same that you can follow.

Evaluate your needs

Sit with a paper and pen. Now make a list of tasks (caregiving or non-caregiving) in which you are struggling. These tasks may include house-cleaning, grocery shopping, giving medication reminders, car re-fueling, sitting during appointments, meal preparation, dishwashing, and the list may go on!

Look around for help

Be a keen observer. Look for people around you who can help you in your caregiving journey. You may don’t know, but some people will be more than happy in extending a helping hand to you after getting to know about your problems. The world is not only of self-centered people. There are also genuine people eager to help the needy ones.

Don’t hesitate to ask help

One of the major problems because of which many of the caregivers end up having depression is their hesitation to ask help from others. Some may help you monetarily, while others can give their valuable time by sitting during doctor’s appointments. Maybe, someone can strike an engaging conversation with your care recipient so that you can have enough time to complete household tasks. Perhaps, a friend is exceptionally well in finance and can help you to deal with your hospital bills.

Never refuse any kind of help

Even, if someone is offering you an ear to listen to your frustrations as a caregiver, never say NO. It is not appropriate to bottle up your emotions because it can lead to stress. So, if any of your friends, neighbors or colleagues is calling you or dropping by your home to just enquiring about your day, never tell that you don’t need them. You never know, one day someone may become your strongest caregiving support.

Show gratitude

If you are getting help from someone, never forget to show gratitude. This is vital to develop a caregiver support network because when you didn’t even bother to say a ‘thank you’ the other person feel may think twice before helping you the next time. Remember, those who show gratitude are happier than others. You can even write a thank you note or purchase a small gift as a token of appreciation for their kind gesture.

Gradually, you will be able to develop a network of people who will support you in your caregiving journey. If you need immediate support, try to find about the cost of hiring a part-time professional caregiver so that you can get some time for self-care too! There are also ample caregiver support resources over the web that you checkout to get immediate help. Another alternative is to join a network of caregivers that comes with a small membership fee. Choose the best one according to your needs.