Dave’s Hammock Wisdom


I’ve always loved hammocks for as long as I can remember. I would usually solve the world’s problems (and sometimes my own) while lying on my hammock as I pray, meditate, and gain wisdom from above. On July 30, 2017, it finally occurred to me that I was being very selfish in keeping all this wisdom to myself. That’s when I decided to share with the rest of the world my uncommon sense for caregivers…and everyone” that I’ve acquired over the decades. Thus, my 5 Minutes of Dave’s Hammock Wisdom video series, and this book you are holding in your hands was born.

We humans can absorb only so much wisdom in one sitting — each chapter is packed with so much, that it requires focus for proper implementation. Wisdom can only change your life if you allow it to marinate into your soul throughout the day. One nugget of wisdom is more than enough for you to chew on at any one moment. If you find something that speaks to you, stop reading and contemplate on it for a while. Think of ways to implement it before reading more.